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LivingWorks START

Now more than ever in these times of isolation and anxiety, people need skills to watch over their friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to keep them safe. In order to continue to support our mandate on mental health in our communities during this difficult time, LivingWorks is proud to offer CMHA-YT an e-learning program: LivingWorks Start.

LivingWorks Start is a 90-minute suicide awareness e-learning program that can be taken remotely and is ideal for workplaces and communities working from home or practising social distancing. It provides people with the skills to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and take action to keep them safe and alive, even from afar. LivingWorks Start is evidence-based and includes simulations, practice and ongoing access to resources, which is critical in the absence of in-person trainings. To make these much-needed skills and resources available to even more people, CMHA-YT is offering LivingWorks Start at a significantly reduced cost of $20 per license in sensitivity to current economic conditions.

CMHA-YT will receive a revenue contribution of $5 for every LivingWorks Start license sold.

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To learn more, please call us at (867) 668-6429.






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