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Family Support Group

A Group That Supports You!

Are you caring or supporting a friend or family member with a mental illness? Come to our caregiver support group. Started by founding Board Member Kim Solonick in the early 2000’s, Family Support Group is monthly peer-led support group for individuals with loved ones struggling with mental illness.

Support groups facilitate the sharing of information that makes sense and comes from people who have really “been there, done that”. Everyone sitting in the circle of our support group counts on one simple fact: that the person you are sitting across from, or next to, has experienced a similar situation. They can describe their triumphs and their troubles, their challenges and their choices, and we can relate to so much of it. We learn we are not alone in feeling crazy, sad or on top of the world. We learn to give and receive support each time we attend.

Although only the individual can take the actions to bring change into his/her life, there are times when it’s too much to rely solely on personal resources. There is a unique strength in group membership which can help a person mobilize his/her energies and attain a sense of well-being.

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