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Art Therapy Workshop

Art therapy pairs the creative process with psychotherapeutic approaches to support self-expression, self-reflection and healing. It is a dynamic and adaptive modality that can be used with children, youth and adults to address a spectrum of issues spanning the human experience. It can help individuals connect to their senses and their environment, tap into unconscious material that can otherwise be difficult to express verbally and allow for the exploration of inner experiences such as dreams and fears. Incorporating art-making in a therapeutic setting can support people to build self-awareness, increase self-esteem, develop social skills, solve problems and reduce anxiety. The creative process fosters a strong sense of self rooted in a view of life as a creative challenge.

Our Eco-Art Therapy Workshop is where you can explore personal strengths and resources through nature-based activities, deepen your connection to your environment to support your mental health and share your art explorations with others during the sessions. No previous art experience or expertise is required.

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