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What are the Benefits of Counselling?

Counselling offers you the opportunity to talk about social, emotional or behavioral problems that are either causing you distress or interfering with your functioning. Counsellors are trained professionals who can respond to your concerns in an objective and non-judgmental manner. The counselling relationship is unique in that it provides a safe forum for you to speak freely, knowing that what is shared will be keptprivate and confidential. 

Counselling offers a variety of positive benefits which can significantly enhance your life. It can make you feel more inspired, motivated and organized. Exploring your thoughts with a professional, non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way. When thoughts are disorganized, it can be challenging to make positive and healthy choices. Counselling is a collaborative and confidential relationship, which works to develop a realistic plan of action to help you move forward and grow to achieve the results you are looking for in a timely manner.

Counselling can improve your life!

The benefits of counselling include a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and othersIt can improve your self-esteem, well-being, health and clarity of mind. You feel better about yourself and who you are. You have direction, goals and confidence and are able to achieve them. Counselling does not have to be something you are ashamed of but, rather that you are proud of, because you want to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

The counsellors at CMHA-YT will work with you to explore your strengths. It means that we believe you know yourself best and we empower you to make your own decisions. We don’t focus on your problems, but rather on ways that we can help you solve them. 

There are many reasons for pursuing counselling. Some of the most common problems include the following: 

Potential Benefits of Counselling

The counselling process is, in many ways, like an educational experience. Below are some examples of what can be gained from counselling:

What to Expect from Counselling at CMHA-YT

Personal counseling at the CMHA-YT is, generally, available on a short-term basis. The length of treatment will vary according to several factors including your needs, our expertise in treating your particular problem and the availability of our staff and other resources. Your initial session provides an opportunity for problem identification and treatment planning. Typically, appointments are scheduled once every week or every two weeks. In cases where more intensive treatment is needed, we will assist in making referrals to other treatment providers in the community. We may also recommend the use of other support services within the community to assist you in reaching your treatment goals.

Counselling services are by appointment only and are typically one hour. If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify our office as early as possible. This is a courtesy to others who may be able to make use of that available appointment time.

Any information you share with a counsellor is considered privileged information. This means that your visits and conversations are treated as confidential. It also means that we would not disclose any confidential information without first obtaining your written consent to do so. However, on occasion, we may confidentially collaborate between our staff so that we may better serve you. 

It is important for you to be aware that there are some legally mandated exceptions to confidentiality. These include:

  1. notification of relevant others when a clinician judges that a client is in immediate danger to self or others (e.g., in the case of suicide or violent assault);
  2. notification of Child Protective Services in cases of suspected child abuse, neglect, or maltreatment; and
  3. in legal cases, clinicians or clinical records may be subpoenaed by the court.

Booking An Appointment

CMHA Yukon Counselling Services Are Now Available by Phone!

In light of the COVID-19 situation, and as part of the global effort to help flatten the curve, CMHA Yukon will now be offering our Single Session counselling services over the phone. These services are available by appointment only, from Monday to Friday.

To reserve your appointment please call our office at 668-6429 and leave your name and telephone number. A representative from CMHA Yukon will respond as soon as possible. We will strive to schedule your appointment within 48 hours. Once scheduled, an assigned counsellor will call you at the time of your appointment and will offer a short intake followed by a one-time counselling session.

This service is free of charge and available to any adult or youth over the age of 13.

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